Empower Your Teachers. Raise Student Achievement. Make a Difference.

iGrow Empowers Teachers to:

  • Self-assess to determine strength and growth areas
  • Connect teaching practices to gains in student achievement
  • Create custom professional growth plans
  • Participate in an online PLC
And more...

Research-based Strategies

iGrow guides teachers towards using tactics developed by top authors to provide improved instruction

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Encourage Collaboration

iGrow includes tools that lead teachers to share ideas and experiences

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Show Student Gains

iGrow enables teachers to see which techniques lead to greater student achievement

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Provide Relevant PD

iGrow helps teachers identify what professional development will be the most beneficial and delivers it

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iGrow helps individual teachers improve by offering teacher self assessment, professional growth plans, online learning communities, resource libraries, and peer observations. Teachers and schools can choose between Dr. Robert Marzano, or Charlotte Danielson's frameworks.